There’s something so alluring about post summer 50 degree weather. Now we’ve finally hit that mid October fall mark, visions of cognac, warm fabrics, and brisk late nights consume my being- “I come alive in the fall time.” But as excited as I am for that warm burning sensation in my throat, layering, and midnight marauding, I seem to have forgotten all of my planned creative schemes from the summer.

On any given 80 degree and above day this past summer, my head was swarming with ideas about designs, apps, inventions, and articles, but once the weather got cool enough for me to put on a hoodie and a jacket, I had no idea of an approach to any of it.

So here I am, deadlocked, believing that the difference between wearing a white t-shirt or a heavy flannel could influence my creative output that drastically. But in reality, I’m just procrastinating.

Trust, I firmly believe in the power of one’s sensory environment and how it can either increase or decrease productivity, but knowing me, on some 30 below day in February, I’ll confidently be cursing winter and lamenting about how I can’t wait to be walking around next summer in that white t-shirt again.

Taking this stark epiphany, I’m going to focus less on feeling, because no matter how ideal my environment or outfit is, the aesthetic is worth nothing if I am doing nothing.

Written By Sebastian Jean.