A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator put out a music video today that is equal parts amusement and banger. In the video, Tyler spits with a Rocky-esque flow over a Freestyle 4 sample from Kanye West’s, The Life Of Pablo, a track that Tyler expressed much excitement towards in a couple videos that surfaced on Twitter.

Arguably holding the position as leaders of their respective syndicates, Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky are two artist who have developed a friendship that is a force to be reckoned with amongst all creative industries.

When the two announced their Rocky and Tyler Tour in August of 2015, it became apparent through their promotional videos that they shared much more than a mutual love for music and all things Supreme.

The overall vibe in the video above is more than just two rappers trying to make a buck, it’s a depiction of two individuals who understand both the generations that look to them for inspiration and the business aspect of the industries that they are continuing to positively manipulate more and more as time progresses.

Following the end of their tour, many major moves have been made in recent months by both artists and their camps. A$AP Mob has been running 2016 with weekly track releases in coordination with their AWGE (Wavey Wednesdays) movement and Odd Future has branched out into the world of Silicon Valley, debuting Golf Media, an app that Tyler characteristically describes as, “basically my brain in one place.

Through Golf Media, the two released an interview this week that serves as somewhat of a podcast journal, taking the same conversations that they express lyrically through their music, but translating it into a more vastly decipherable web-show. In this setting, Tyler and Rocky are able to express how their social and creative capital garnered from music, has allowed them to conquer other creative fields such as fashion. However, despite the serious tones, it’s clearly still two friends just kicking it.

Judging by this series of content alone, it’s safe to say that 2016 is going be a great year for Rocky, Tyler, their squads, and supporters alike.