In 2009 Kid Cudi gave us Man on the Moon: The End of Day, in 2010 he gave us Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, two years later was WZRD, and in 2013 we got Indicudi. As a whole, this collection served as a spiritual journey through space that we embarked on with Scott, one in which he told us about hurt, drugs, and attempts at trying to overcome the two through melodic success. Now, as we near the end of 2015, Kid Cudi has been completely possessed by the demons of indie-rock.

No one wants to see their favorite artist veer away from their original style. When Yeezus dropped, I’ll assume that it was an even split between Kanye fans who were in support and others who glared at their laptops and phones in disapproving confusion, post hitting play. I was part of the latter group. I really didn’t understand what the fuck he was doing at first. It was like he forgot about his days of producing beats that gave off the feel of life prior to 2008, a time where Jordan brand was still making quality shoes, your newsfeed wasn’t flooded every time a Kardashian sneezed, and your favorite gangster rappers weren’t all rocking Balmain jeans, the Kanye Pastelle days. Still, after several listens on repeat, I came to my senses and understood that nothing should stay the same forever. What Kanye was doing with the alien abduction sounding Yeezus was moving rap culture forward, pushing boundaries, and adding a new wing to the White House of rap.

I was always well aware of Scott Mescudi’s love for Pink Floyd and Nirvana, but that part of him seemed irrelevant because he was the guy who brought me Day N Nite and Sound Track to My Life. Now he’s one guitar strum away from joining the White Stripes. I didn’t think it was possible for him to be anything else but a dope rapper, just like I could’t believe Late Registration Kanye was now this Yeezus cat, someone who went from Bape full-zip hoodies and Infrared 6s to designing a line of clothing that could’ve easily been the wardrobe for the latest Star Wars film (no disrespect Yé). Even with dead giveaways like remixing a Vampire Weekend song, doing an indie-rock album under the pseudonym WZRD, and titling a fucking album, Indicudi, I couldn’t believe that he was anything other than my favorite depressed rapper; helping me get over crushes as I blasted Solo Dolo and entered a world of desired adolescent darkness, souring through paradise when I’m closing my eyes.
It’s sad how reluctant unwilling I was to accept WZRD, when during my freshman year of high school, I put rap on hold, bought band t-shirts from Urban Outfitters, and tried my hardest to achieve that late 2009/early 2010 barista look, all because of Scott.

Your boy in 2009, Cleveland was the reason.

It wasn’t until the releases of singles like CONFUSED, Wedding Tux, and Judgmental Cunt that things started to come together. I hypothesized that all this man on the moon shit wasn’t just some outer world persona used to sell albums, Kid Cudi was obsessed with space because he was in fact trapped in his mind, lost in a genre where he could survive, but didn’t truly belong. Lyrics like, “Who am I, who are we, all I want is to feel complete,” made me feel like a bad friend because I didn’t support Cudi when he truly emerged and assumed his position as a musical trailblazer, not just a guy who was only good for a hook. I’m sorry Scott.