Pronounced 20BC.
Was created by, Will Thompson and Alex Lee, two young designers who met on a train from Boston to New York just a couple of years ago. A brand that is currently on just its 2nd collection but has already made tremendous waves in urban fashion culture, and that was before this launch. They killed it the first time around with a simplistic yet ridiculously stylish sweatsuit that the fashion industry just has not seen before. While all other sweatpants-if we can even justify XXBC as sweats-are aerodynamically designed to take a second off your jogging time, or tapered just the right amount to not be leggings for men. XXBC doesn’t seem to care about all that, it looks as if they wanted to redesign a boring staple to be the most eye catching item you can wear. I really fuck with this brand, not only because Will is a nice guy with cool boy style but because its different. Its not on some obnoxious high fashion tip, its street yet unique. Its hood but its fly. Its on some 21st century Cam’ron flow. A hood designed fashion staple with a side of custom XXBC hand painted Air Force Ones. With the Timberland Laces on the AF1’s and the Sweats?! “Killin the game, C’mon man!”
Collection I was unique, they looked to create something that only a few could have. Each piece they made was different, handcrafted to the core of the cloth and no two items were the same.  I got blessed with a pair from a good guy, Woodson Legrand. But this new collection is mature. XXBC continues to develop and they don’t seem to be worried. Yeah, they’ve had their share of press and celebrities wearing their shit but they haven’t changed. Their clothes, the lookbook, and short film for this collection are made with passion, every time I thrown on my pair I feel apart of something. A following that is still pure, hopefully these two can maintain that passion and I would love to see what they can do outside of sweats. Time will tell, and if you want to cop something from this collection they are exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony downtown.