Two artists have slowly been gaining notoriety in both the digital art and music worlds.
Some people may know the name Arca, others may know the name Jesse Kanda, but the have now become synonymous and complementary.
Arca is a Venezuelan music producer who has pushed the limits of sound to create music that is probably unlike anything you’ve ever heard. And while the Hip-Hop industry tries to copy what Kanye West did with Yeezus last summer, Arca has been creating the sounds that Kanye has been inspired by, since 2013.
Last year, a friend of mine, Maui, a student at the same Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music that Arca attended, showed me some of his work. I was a bit put off . The visuals of deformed babies dancing rather peculiarly to noise music labeled, “Trauma Scene 1,” had me questioning what I was watching and why I was sitting in a dimmed studio with three other dudes. Then I just dropped my notions of what music and video are supposed to be and accepted the visuals and sounds for what they were, which is essentially a transformative piece of music and art. One that is at the forefront of a movement that is blurring the lines between the artistic mediums of music, art, and style.

Shortly after, I discovered Jesse Kanda’s work and realized the visuals were a collaboration. For a visual artist, the video could be about the digital artwork of Jesse Kanda with music simply accompanying his work. For a producer or musician, the visuals could simply be accompanying the distressed music production of Arca, so that in itself is artwork. You can choose the one you like more or accept it for the collaboration they’ve created.
The end result, a synchronized A/V that could leave the viewer in awe, admiration, or pure confusion. Even though the right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of both the music and visual imagery processing centers assume for the point of this article, they aren’t. NeuroFlow.
Either way, this collaboration is currently making so many waves that FKA Twigs had Kanda produce a video and cover art for her first single, Water Me.” Kanda creates imagery that is strange and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, so whether you like or not, you’ll remember it forever, (like that chick from The Ring).
Collectively, Arca and Jesse Kanda are making waves, so get it with it. Peep how the audio and video from Kanye’s BLKKK SKKKN HEAD matchup in comparison to Kanda and Arca’s CCCREEPY CCCOLLABORATION.