So right now, people are starting to notice that the once very cohesive group, Odd Future (OFWGKTA), is now more like, Tyler the Creator, Earl, and Frank Ocean. As someone who hated Odd Future when they first emerged, I gotta say that many of the members seem to be better off on their own.

Speaking to Tyler’s latest project, Cherry Bomb, that dropped less than 24 hours dog, bro still got it. Not a lot of artists can stay around for this long putting out the same original flow, but Tyler’s delivery hasn’t changed, he’s still giving us those scratchy vocals that some of us hated and some of us fell in love with. Right now, I have “Smuckers” on loop, but the rest of the project goes hard as well.

Take a listent to “Cherry Bomb,” definielty adding this one to the bike ride playlist for this summer (feels good to say summer again).

Oh and stay tuned.. ThreadsMag.. cough.. cough.. we never left