Last night, OVO artist Party Next Door (PND) dropped four fire tracks on his SoundCloud. If you aren’t already with it, Party Next Door is an artist who makes music for those that are either striving for success or successful already and are battling with the trials and tribulations of new found fame and old vs new baes, it’s real deep shit. In my opinion, all blasphemy aside, Party Next Door, The Weeknd, and Drake make up the sexually frustrated-on the come up-sadboy-trillogy.

The collection of four tracks that we can refer to as a mix tape I guess, is full of the usual PND sentiments. Homie is still fighting to make it in the industry and is reminiscing abut his old flame all while struggling with the dichotomy of new women in his life who are only chasing his fame. It’s hard out here for a young cat, but Party Next Door found artistry in his frustration. Nothing better than being able to turn your feelings into something tangible. 

Let’s Get Married:

This track is PND expressing his desire to settle down and find wifey. When you’re touring around the world, one night romances get real old after a while. You just wanna come home and cuddle up with bae. In that same respect, while he wants a wife, he doesn’t want to lose the excitement of the single life, hence..

“I finally realized what I need
Can only be royal if you loyal girl
And all I need is a woman who will agree with everything that I do
And get naked for me when I walk through
All I need, make it feel like forever
When it’s temporary, let’s get married”

Girl From Oakland:

This second track is a bout a girl that PND lost somewhere along the way that seems to be hating on him and where he’s at in his career, but at the same time, she’s making her own moves and he’s noticing that too. He’s offering her the chance to get back with it, but it’s all on her.

“Baby, I’m outchea, baby, I’m outchea
You know what I’m pursuing (yeah you can know)
Girl the reason you’re lonely tonight
But this the season to get back your life”

Jus Know:

This is my favorite track in this collection for a number of reasons, one of them being that it features La flame. This track is PND talking about reminiscing heavy on some great times with a former love. Repeated throughout the track is him stating how he “remembers everything,” all the details of the good times, something we all can attest to.

Hey, we were a little vision of Kanye and Kim, you know
Kanye and Kim
But it was Drizzy and Rih, it was so obvious then
You know I remember, I remember everything
Even details about the wedding ring

Don’t Worry (feat. Ca$h Out):

The last track featuring Ca$h Out is more uplifting and saying “fuck it” to the other feelings expressed in the previous tracks. PND and Ca$h Out  are focusing more on the success and the monetary gains that come with it.

Step in the building, bitches get excited, have you ever see a female riot?
Ou, get too close then somebody might shoot you
I left the bullshit in the past, nigga I can see the future
Ray Charles-Ray Bans, all I see is money, all I see is honeys
In the club blowing your budget

Keep your eyes and ears on Party Next Door and OVO Sound.