Today I came across a post on ILLROOTS in which the author, Ernest Baker, was dropping some raw sentiments on  Drake. In the piece, Baker makes note that Drake’s persona isn’t that of a typical rapper; i.e. the soft romantic tracks and the Degrassi past life, but to Baker, myself, and Drake appreciators all across the world, his lack of pistol toting and Ferragamo belts simply does not matter, because Drake spits straight bars. Baker continues in his lobbying with saying how, “Nobody else is making music that people can relate to on the level that Drake is right now…  It’s gotten to the point where he’s just dangerously reliable. Every time he gets on a track you know he’s going to come out saying some extremely slick, real shit.” and this is entirely true. Consider the lyric, “All up in my phone looking at pictures from the other night, she gon’ be upset if she keeps scrolling to the left, she gon’ see some shit she don’t wanna see,” I mean c’mon son, how many of us have experienced that (just kidding babe)?!


When dude dropped “0-100,” myself and all the real niggas I know went crazy for it, the same happened with “Draft Day,” “Days in the East,” and even “2 On Thotfull” (which wasn’t even his track btw). For the past six months, every song Drake has been on had dudes in the club or living room, singing along like they were Drizzy himself. Drake’s music just puts you in this mood where you wanna look fly, be with your homeboys, popping bottles of Dom Perignon, and just macking. He also makes music that makes you wanna be chilling in a loft with your girl, sipping on some red wine, all while laying in bed as a Sean Connery 007 flick plays on the TV screen muted in the background. Drake also makes music that makes you wanna be roaming around in the wip with two of your bros, and stunt like you’re much more important that you actually are. What I’m trying to get at here is that Drake is dynamic as fuck, he’s got my boy Adam wanting to go to Erykah Badu’s house, and he doesn’t even know who she is. #facts.