Time Presents: 1 World Trade Center

“Nine governors, two mayors, multiple architects, a headstrong developer, thousands of victims’ families and tens of thousands of neighborhood residents fought over this tiny patch of real estate as if every clod were holy and every windswept acre held the fate of the Western world.”

These were the powerful words I was welcomed to returning back to my dorm room on this long and disappointing St. Patrick’s Day. The TIME Magazine article titled, “1 World Trade Center”, tells the story of the men and women who built the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere. The article however, focuses on the Iron workers who built the tower and who pieced together every nut and bolt that we see on that spire tonight.

Still to this day I remember when I was in first grade and my mother picked me up from school, she told me about the towers falling. Now, almost thirteen years later, the new tower has risen and is sparking a lot of controversy among young New Yorkers especially. I’ve heard it all. Yet, none of the young New York minds have taken into consideration the people who have been piecing together this massive building for the past 13 years. The ironworkers who now raised the spire were young kids whose father worked as ironworkers during the construction of the past WTC Towers. My father when he first moved to New York got a job waxing the floors at night on one of the original Twin Towers and he quit shortly after because there were just “too many f**king floors!” He ended up leaving that job shortly after to go on to start his own construction company. Now even though my father has passed away, our building and roofing supply company, Park Avenue delivers large quantities of sheetrock to the Freedom Tower. #putonformycompany

These young men and women are the last remnants of an older generation, the hardworking true New Yorkers who built the foundation and infrastructure of this city. As NYC grows more and more “soft”, these young men and women stand on the tallest spire and view the city from a perspective no other fashion blogging, 20 something, hipster can ever image. Unless you are the photographer for TIME Magazine who took the panoramic images from the top of the spire. In the end this building has now become a new beacon. It has changed the way we look at the city and it is all thanks to the men and women who died and thrived to recreate this historical building. Please take a look at the TIME article or you won’t have any idea what I have been writing about and you must watch the short videos. Preferably when your still a little buzzed from St.Patty’s Day because they are truly breathtaking.