Ahhh. Soo let me tell you some things I’m done with since 2014 kicked off: Polo shirts, medium sized shirts, the Grammys, movies with Sandra Bullock/Julia Roberts (still not sure who’s who), music that doesn’t feature Gucci Mane, Vodka, and Jordans (that doesn’t include my 4s). But above all that, North Face that ISN’T PURPLE LABEL. Speaking of Purple Label, the S/S 14 has just been released and it’s minimalistic as fuck, which is the wave now right? Ima need my editor to weigh in I guess. The collection is featured in only two colors navy blue and khaki, and it includes: a wavy trench coat, sports blazer, and some karate kid type pants. Prices range form around $155 to $335. This collection is perfect to stunt with on those April shower days (don’t get rained on, make it rain). ┬áKeep an eye out for me in the trench coat this spring, JUHEARRD!