jay-z-apartment-560-state-street-on-the-market-01-630x420-620x400Shawn Carter’s former 560 State Street apartment has recently been listed on Sotheby’s for $860,000. It was in this building that used to serve as his “stash spot” and is now being sold on Sotheby’s, a perfect fucking example of how much Brooklyn has transformed. For some, this transformation has been great and yet for a large population of Brooklyn this gentrification process has only hiked up rents and pushing low-income families deeper into Brooklyn, past Bushwick, Bedstuy, Brownsville; the neighborhoods they now call home. It’s a sad sight, and yet for the people in charge of this transformation its a cash crop.

A block away from 560, stands Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s first arena, funded by a British Bank, Barclays, WTF. Anyway, this arena standing only blocks away from his former “stash spot” is considered just another great Jay-Z business deal. So where does that leave us? Living in Brooklyn my whole life I can only hope that it continues to grow and prosper but who deserves to suffer the consequences of big business? State street in the 90’s was once a block these, gentrifiers (its a word), once stood away from because of the Daytop Crack Center and now that they are kicking the crackheads out, the brownstones of Boerum Hill are going for millions of dollars on real estate markets.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that Brooklyn is kind of losing its trueness, its character, which is the same trendy image that they are selling the shit out of to get people here. Its fucked up. It fucked up, that the people that suffer from these huge investments that are coming into Brooklyn are the same people working the 9 to 5’s to keep them running. Just think about it. Also just to make myself clear, I’m not dissing Jay, because he’s my fucking inspiration when it comes to business ventures, but I might be saying fuck Barclays. Also, stay loyal, fuck the Nets, go to a Knicks game.

-Kevin Justin Rivera